3 Things to Consider When Starting Your Guest List - Plus, a Free Template!

It might be the most painful part of wedding planning: the Guest List. Dun dun dun! I mean, where do you start? How many people can we invite? Where can you draw the line?

Before you even open that Google doc to begin, consider the following 3 things. Below you will also find a helpful template available for download to get you started.


1. How many people can your venue hold?

Seems obvious and easy enough, right?  But many times people over invite thinking some of their guests won’t show up and you’ll fill the venue perfectly. But what if that cousin in California decides they want a little vacation for her large family and your wedding is the perfect getaway? It happens!

Find out the max capacity of your venue and stick with that number to begin with. If your list grows past that, consider the 80/20 rule. 80% of your guest list will come and 20% will decline. 

2. Who’s wedding is this?

It’s ours, right? Yes, well… kinda. There are some people who raised you (*cough cough* your parents) and they may have a list of their own. Keep in mind, if you have parents that are contributing financially to your wedding, it’s best if they can invite people they want to invite.  Even if they’re not, be considerate of your parents and their own lists.

3. Openly communicate with your fiancé
 on who you want to attend.

Have an open discussion with your significant other on who you would like to have at your wedding. Is this going to be the biggest party your town has ever seen?  Or do you want something more intimate with family and close friends? Typically, if you haven't laid eyes on a person in 12-18 months — or at least had a nice, long phone conversation if they live far away then you probably shouldn't invite them. Understand your wedding vibe you want before deciding who to invite.

Now that you are hopefully feeling a bit more confident getting started, feel free to download the Excel template below to help you stay organized. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any questions - I am here to help!