When Do We Mail Our Wedding Invitations?

This might be the question I get most often from couples when we sit down to chat about the timeline for their paper goods. It’s actually an easy question to answer, and today I am sharing a little insight into some factors to consider, as well as pointing out a few other important dates!


You’re here because you’re wondering what the answer is - and it’s easy math! Just count back 2 months from your wedding date and voila! That is your ideal mail-out date. For example, if your the big day is 11.23.19, you’ll want to have your invitations out on 9.23.19. Make sense? You can always send them 1-2 weeks earlier than that, but you never want to send them too early. You’ll risk guests thinking they have plenty of time to RSVP, and they might set them aside “for later” and eventually misplace them. Exactly 2 months before your wedding date is the perfect time to mail the invitations.

What might change this?

  1. Having a Destination Wedding? You’ll definitely want to get them out to guests earlier so they have a bit of extra time to make bigger travel plans such as flights and hotels. 3-4 months before a Destination Wedding is best. I always suggest sending Save the Dates in this case as well!

  2. Did you send Save the Dates? This gives you a little more flexibility. Most guests should already have your wedding on their calendar. If you’ve sent Save the Dates, don’t sweat it and plan to mail out your full invitation suite 6 weeks before the big day.

While we’re at it…

Here are a few more important dates to consider while planning out your invitations!

• Save the Dates: 6-9 Months Before. Include a wedding website link with accommodation information to give guests an extra heads up on travel arrangements.
• RSVP By Date: Set the response date on your RSVP card to 3 Weeks Before. You’ll want enough time to work on your seating chart and order those Day-Of paper goods such as Escort Cards, Programs, Menus, etc.
• Thank Yous: Plan to send those 2-3 months after your wedding. We’ve all heard you have up until year to mail them, but why wait? Send them while the memory of your amazing day is still fresh in the minds of your guests.

And of course, by working one on one with me as your stationery designer, I’ll be sure to guide you and keep you on track for these and all other important dates!